5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Internet Marketing Growing

Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing Strategies are not as challenging to maintain as some people think. I have spoken with a number of businesses that avoid getting involved with Internet Marketing because they’re concerned about the up-keep after the engagement is over. It ain’t tough at all!

In fact, if you follow these 5 steps at least once a week, you’ll be all set. Daily is better, but if you can’t find the time or have to skip a couple of days, you can still keep your results growing if you do these easy steps once a week:

  1. Respond to all emails
    1. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer then wanting to buy from you but not getting a response
  2. Post an update
    1. Let your prospects know you still alive and kicking! When they look at your site and see the last update was more than a week ago, they can start to wonder if you’re still around to help them with their needs
  3. Take a picture then Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, anything!
    1. You can combine this with #2 and just writing 140 characters about the photo. It can be at a job site, a section of your store, even a snowman you saw on your way to work!
  4. Double check your stats
    1. If you’re running any advertising campaigns, SEO, or social marketing – take a peak at the performance. Surprises can only surprise you if you let them :)
  5. Work on your Monthly Value Add
    1. I’ll post another article soon about the Monthly Value Add but in brief – it’s a longer article that adds real value to your customers that you post once a month.

That’s it! Once you perform these 5 simple tasks each week, you will see your internet marketing strategies maintain their growth.