Adding New Paypal User


When working with third party agencies for your ecommerce strategy, you’ll often want to provide reporting access to your online marketing agency. Paypal has changed the interface but it’s still rather simple to add additional users to your Business Paypal Account.

  1. Login to your Paypal business account
  2. Click on the Gear beside Logout
    1. add_paypal_user__1
  3. In the drop down, click on Profile and Settings
    1. add_paypal_user_2
  4. Then choose My account settings
    1. add_paypal_user_3
  5. In the following screen, select “Get Started” on the Manage Users line
    1. add_paypal_user_4
  6. If you haven’t added a user before, it will say + Add your first user
    1. add_paypal_user_5
  7. In put the user details. Be sure to remember the password you select as you will need to share this with the person who will be accessing your Paypal account. They can always edit the password afterwards.
    1. add_paypal_user_6
  8. Choose the areas of your account you’d like the user to have access to. I recommend not including “Send Money” or “Withdraw Money” but that’s just me :)
    1. add_paypal_user_7
  9. The final step to adding a new Paypal user is to confirm their identity. Click on the button and follow the steps. That will allow your marketing agency to access your Paypal account for reporting, setup, etc!

Once you’ve added a new Paypal user to your account. Your digital marketing agency will be able to work within your Paypal account while you still maintain control over what they’re able to do. And if you choose to work with a different Agency, it’s really easy to remove access. Many clients prefer to share their main password, in this case you won’t need to change your account password or have any other security concerns.