Content Marketing Strategies

Fez.Media Bulks Up Your Content And Drives BIG Sales. We’ll work with you to create a Content Marketing Strategy that will build your brand, your traffic and leverage your content across as many channels as possible for BIG results!

Content Marketing Strategies

Fez.Media provides the following Content Marketing Strategies and Services:

  • Content strategy and selection of content distribution sites to drive sales
  • Watermarking and branding content
  • Channel creation on content marketing distribution sites
  • Preparing titles, descriptions and tags for maximum affect
  • Distribution of content on selected sites
  • Management of channels
    • Scheduled posting of content
    • Accepting friend requests
    • Interacting with comments
    • Forwarding sales opportunities from contacts and comments on distribution sites
    • Monitoring tags and stats to improve total video views
    • Responding and managing any DMCA issues
  • Providing monthly analytics and suggestions on how to drive BIG results

Content marketing strategies build upon themselves. The sooner you start your content marketing strategy, the sooner your results will start to build. The expense of operating a content marketing strategy stays the same while your results will continue to grow.