Corner Offices Are For Suckers

The Fez.Media values are a little different from normal corporate environments. Corner offices, company cars, plastic plants, fancy light fixtures and coffee service will never be seen here!

We believe in in the startup mentality. We believe in spending our money on our work, not our environment. High powered computers, gigabit internet connections, massive monitors, and speakers that can make the grass outside shake like a hurricane! That’s more our speed.

Currently the Fez.Media office is located in Regent Park, an area of Toronto currently being re-developed. Our office building is scheduled for demolition in January of 2018. The majority of building around us have already been demolished and WE LOVE IT.

Internet Marketing Strategies need to constantly adapt. If you’re in a comfortable environment, you tend to get a little chubby and slower to adapt. Not Fez.Media! We live adaptation. No fat cats in corner offices here!

Being in a constant state of change makes Fez.Media the best partner for our clients. The only thing we’re comfortable with is change. We can adapt and meet any challenge because we live change. With new innovations everyday, and BIG sales come from being first.

Digital Marketing is in a constant state of change and Fez.Media is uniquely structured to position your company on the leading edge.