North America Area Code Listings

Working on hyperlocal campaigns requires drilling down into specific demographic information. In running a recent campaign I needed to find the location of users based on their area code (that’s all we had available). I found this table to be really helpful!

North American Area Code Listing

I have noticed that the above link is missing some area codes so I’ve included them here for your reference:


Area Code Region State
224 Chicago Illinois
239 Southwest Florida
251 Southwest Alabama
260 Northeast Indiana
269 South Michigan
272 Most of Pennsylvania
276 Southwest Virginia
325 San Angelo Texas
331 Chicago Illinois
346 Houston Texas
386 Daytona Beach Florida
424 Los Angeles California
432 Odessa Texas
434 Lynchburg Virginia
470 Atlanta Georgia
479 Northwest Arkansas
551 Northeast New Jersey
563 Central Iowa
567 Northwest Ohio
574 South Bend Indiana
575 Most of New Mexico
585 Rochester New York
586 Macomb County Michigan
620 Southern Kansas
657 Los Angeles California
681 All of West Virginia
725 Las Vegas Nevada
731 Memphis Tennessee
754 Fort Lauderdale Florida
772 Treasure Coast Florida
774 Southern Massachusetts
848 Northern New Jersey
857 Boston Massachusetts
862 Northern New Jersey
872 Chicago Illinois
928 Most of Arizona
929 New York City New York
951 Riverside California
980 Charlotte North Carolina
985 Southeastern Louisiana
989 Central Michigan

It allowed me to group by city, state / province and provide a user experience tailored for users based on their regions. Nothing like a good vlookup to add additional details to your report!