Providing Access To Your Adwords Account For SEM Management


Formerly known as My Client Center (Google MCC), the Adwords Management Dashboard allows agencies like Fez Media to manage your Adwords account without giving visibility to your billing information. This setup also allows you to maintain control over your Adwords account and keep all historical data and learnings from your Search Advertising efforts.

Setting up access for an SEM company to manage your Adwords account is easy:

  1. Find your Adwords customer id:
    1. It’s located at the top right when you login to Adwords
    2. adwords-customer-id-mcc
  2. Share with your SEM Agency
  3. Your SEM Agency will add your account into their MCC Management account
  4. You will receive an email from Google with instructions on how to grant your SEM Agency access to your account:
    1. “You can accept or decline the request from your AdWords or AdWords Express account by clicking the gear icon, then selecting “Account settings” from the drop-down menu. Then, select “Account access” and click “Accept invitation” or “Decline.” You can find instructions here:
    2. adwords-mcc-confirmation-email
  5. Follow the instructions in the email:
    1. adwords1
    2. adwords2
    3. adwords3
    4. adwords4

That’s it! Now your SEM Agency can manage your Adwords and build success for your business.

If you wish to sever the relationship, you maintain complete control and can do so. Just click on the gear icon, go to Account Access and click the “Terminate Access” buttonĀ  for your SEM Agency. You will retain all the work and data for their efforts: