SEO Internet Strategies

The Fez.Media approach to Search Engine Optimization is scientifically researched based starting with your current search engine penetration so we can build off what you’ve already done. Being straight up, this seo service costs more than the spam emails you’ve likely received. That being said, this approach delivers BIG results because it is customized directly to your business – not a cookie-cutter approach taken by others in this industry.

Goal: List your site on the first page of Google searches for the highest searched keywords possible by building on your current results.

According to http://moz.com, results on the first page of Google receive 92.7% of clicks from keyword searches.

To target the highest searched keywords, we’ll research thousands of related keywords to see how many times they’re searched each month and how many other sites target the keyword. Then we’ll analyze your site for 39 key elements to determine which keywords you can rank on the first page.

For example, we could target the keyword “internet marketing services”. It is searched 2,400 times each month. There are also 770,000 other pages that target “internet marketing services” (Just go to google and search “internet marketing services” with the quotes and you will see all the other pages that specifically target the keyword). That is a lot of pages to compete with!

internet marketing strategies

Our research unearths keywords that have the same or more searches but have less competition. That way we can rank your site on page one and generate the most traffic possible from search engines :) We target the “internet marketing strategies” keyword. It has more searches (2,900) and half the competition (426,000 other pages target “internet marketing strategies”).

We will narrow down our keyword research to the top 5 opportunities. We will then work with you and your site development team (if you don’t have one, we can provide support in this area) to modify your site so all 39 SEO elements are optimized to place your site on page one of the search results for those keywords. Modifications can include adding technical features, rewriting content, optimizing images and site content as well as recoding some html files.

We will provide suggestions for an ongoing strategy in order for you to continue building search traffic on your own. We can provide ongoing maintenance for you but we are completely transparent in our approach and will provide you with all the elements to be successful if you’d like to provide the ongoing maintenance yourself.

At the end of our engagement, you will have all the tools and elements customized so you can continue to build your SEO success!