Unzipping Archives In FileZilla


FileZilla is an open source FTP client that provides all the features you could possibly ask for in an FTP app. All features except unzipping .zip, .tar.gz and other archives. That’s really too bad because FileZilla opens a connection for each file and transfers them one by one. Awesome for quick jobs but takes a long time if you have thousands of files.

I was migrating the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation’s site – www.cdhf.ca (which has thousands of files) and went looking for a more efficient alternative. Enter an amazing little utility called File Unzipper from ndeet!

Now if you’re working with a webhost that doesn’t offer a feature rich file manager with unzip capabilities, you upload your zip file to the server and drop this little php script into the same directory. Then you go to unzipper via a brower and voila! Choose the archive, choose your destination folder, and you can leverage FileZilla to unzip files!

To grab File Unzipper, it’s on Github here: https://github.com/ndeet/unzipper

Be sure to star ndeet for this great utility!