User Experience at the Expense Of User Experience

With the progress of technology and all the neat things that can be done to improve user experience, I am finding user experience is suffering. As will all things, balance is a key component and I feel the number 1 rule of any User Experience strategy needs to be:

Don’t Make Me Wait!

User engagement relies on how quickly you can engage the customer. It seems really basic but I’ve seen way too many examples where users are waiting.

How often have you gone to a website to see a spinning wheel as the page loads? What about the green bar at the top of the page that seems to take forever to get to the end? Why are we making users wait? You only have seconds to engage your customers. After that, they’re gone and if you’ve spent money to get the user to your site, they’re gone too…

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My experience with Active Collab today is what sparked this little note. Active Collab is a powerful project management tool but I’ve often wondered if it is over-engineered – at the expense of the user’s experience. I’ll use whatever tool my clients prefer of course, but I tend to prefer Trello or Basecamp over Active Collab simply because they’re just as powerful yet don’t make me wait :)